Whole Body Security Scanner

Digital Screening System

RadPro SecurPASS Full Body Security Scanner

Whole body security scanner, SECURPASS digital screening system handles high-level security.   Providing body scanning at airports, prisons, border crossings as well as, government buildings.  Markedly,  low-dose X-ray body scanning system will detect many types of substances.  For instance, substances include, explosives, drugs, copper wires as well as, plastics. 

To illustrate, read more about SecurePass body scanner: SecurePass In Orange County Jail

Whole Body Low Dose X-ray Security Body Scanner

Digital Screening System

Full Body Scanner Specifications

In particular, low dose x-ray are used during whole body security scanning
Uses low-level X-rays so as  to produce images of skeleton & body cavities
Further, images do not include anatomical features
600 lbs. capacity


Optimally suited for correctional environments
In detail, approximately 350 systems installed in the United States, Canada and Mexico
Correspondingly, Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has deployed 124 SecurPASS systems

Markedly, this system is supported by a national system of authorized service engineers
Significantly, possesses over a decade of dedicated security technology experience
Valued especially is the  24/7/365 customer support

Scan Area:9 x 29.1 in (208 x 74 cm)
Scanning Time:under 8 seconds

Configuration:Monoblock oil-cooled design
Anode Voltage:150 kV

Dose / Inspection
Standard Imaging Technique:< 0.25 uSv (0.025 mR) / per scan

Imaging System
Monitor:21″ monitor (portrait)
Grayscale:16,384 (image)
Local Storage:960,000 images RAID, 1T Hard Drive, Mirrored with a 1T Backup Drive
Image Visualization Time:Real Time
Power:110 V / 60 Hz, Internal step-up transformer, 2.5 kW line conditioner


Whole body security scanner detects dangerous as well as illegal substances.  For example, this digital screening system detects liquid explosives, drugs, wires & plastics.  SECURPASS digital screening system capabilities include handling high-level security needs.  Utilization include areas such as  airports, prisons, borders  not to mention government buildings.

How It Works

In detail,  detainees enter the whole body security scanner system fully clothed.
Concurrently, density of the beam is measured as it passes through the body.  To illustrate,  information is processed thereupon relayed to a computer.  As a result, an image is created. Subsequently, operators study the rendering, e.g. to observe any objects of concern.



Security imaging has evolved to  included whole body security digital scanning technology.  Subsequently, this digital scanning system has been technologically optimized.
SecurPass whole body contraband system prevents imaging from entering soft tissue.   Privacy of those being screened is optimized as a result minimizing physical searches.

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