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Look for our new web site, coming soon. We are creating new product pages with more up to date information about our product offerings. Including UMG/DEL,  Omega Medical Systems and Asset Management and Tracking


EP Radiological Services Inc. Receives Purchas Orders for 3 Canon/ RadPRO Portables with CXDI 70C wireless panels

March 22, 2013

EP Radiological Services Receives Purchase orders from Cedars/Sinai Medical Center for 3 RadPRO Portables to compliment the 4 units already there.


Current News

Canon Announces the CXDI-80C

October 2011

Canon announced the release of the CXDI-80C 11 X 14 inch wireless detector.

The CXDI-80C has the same resolution and pixel pitch as the 70C but weighing in only at 5.3 pounds



Canon Announces New Radiographic / Fluoroscopic Room

November 26, 2011

demoVirtual Imaging, a Canon Company, Announced and displayed the new D2-50RF R&F Multi Function Room.

This sytem can produce both Dynamic and Static Digital Images. The versatility of this system allows the operator the ability to produce images for all Radiographic positions thus eliminating the need for a singular Radiographic room. This modality cane ultimately increase throughput as well as remove the need for a second room.



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